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Spa Robe

Lumen Body Scrub 

$45 (add on) / $80 (45 min)

This treatment custom blends a variety of oils such as grapeseed, almond oil, jojoba, apricot, wheat germ, etc. Oil blend is then combined with either a fine dead sea salt or cornmeal exfoliant and essential oils. A pumice scrub is used on the feet. Warm towels are used to remove the scrub and a raw Shea butter is kneaded into the skin for a beautiful, smooth finish.


(Add on excludes Shea butter)



Newborn Baby

Lumen Body Masque 

$85 (60 min.)


An amazing treatment combining Rhassoul or a warming Hungarian clay with powdered herbs such as Rose Hip seed and essential oils. You are then wrapped and an acupressure face/scalp massage is performed. Warm towels remove the masque and a raw Shea butter is kneaded into the skin. 



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